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Artist Anna Caionet

My work fuses aspects of contemporary culture and my Italian heritage, creating a threshold between the realm of intangible memory and the physical realm of place. I endeavour to touch on both personal and universal experiences, made manifest through the use of materials with an everyday, familiar cast that, although abstracted, are resonant with shared associations.

I am also concerned with subjective understandings of matter and space, exploring the energies inherent in materials and their transformative properties. I often revitalise collected remnant fabrics and found objects in ways that at times suggest old historical surfaces, architecture and the landscape, working intuitively with gestural bodily movements to construct my compositions. My working method, which connects hand and fabric, is grounded in ‘automatism’, a concept based on the intuitive drive, the irrational, and the accidental occurrences during the process of creating. New York School abstractionist Robert Motherwell once defined automatism as ‘letting the work pour out, without any critical intervention or editing’, and for me this involves stretching, sewing, pulling, layering, cutting, adding and pouring as I apply, shape and harmonise a diversity of materials into a form of palimpsest.

Once the work has been built up, I manipulate the surface to expose the expressive layers of raw materials and allow the skeletal structures of the piece and its subconscious narrative to be revealed. Thus, the final artwork functions not only as a means of exploring the physical process of creation, but also as a vehicle for contemplation, encouraging the viewer to consider the less tangible atmosphere conceived within that inflects the visible outer form.

Artist Biography

Anna Caione is an Australian artist of Italian descent. She holds a Master of Arts by Research (2002) Monash University, Bachelor of Education in Visual Arts from Melbourne University (1991), Bachelor of Fine Art, RMIT (1994) and completed a Diploma of Fine Arts, Accademia Albertina, Turin, Italy (1994-1995). She is a Course Covenor and Academic Tutor in in the School of Design at Swinburne University of Technology, teaching across design history and design studio units. Anna has held numerous solo and group exhibitions and participated in over 45 exhibitions.

She has received a number of grants and awards. She was a finalist in the John Leslie Art Prize, the Metro 5 Gallery Art Award, and McGivern Prize (twice) and was awarded the SBS Centenary of Federation Art Award. She had been selected for Artist in residency and fellowship programs such as the Italian Australian Foundation International Fellowship from the International Specialised Skills Institute to study Drawing in Milan. Artist in Residence at  St Vincents Hospital, Melbourne, Artist in Residence- Bourdeneuve, Betchat, France. In 2020 she was part of Melbourne Design Week in collaboration with the National gallery of Victoria.

Her research interests include Abstract Expressionism, Arte Povera, Renaissance art and contemporary art.   Anna has previously been represented by Gallery 101-(2004-2010) and Catherine Asquith Gallery- (2010-2013) and West End Art Space (2017-2019).  Her work is held in corporate and private collections nationally and internationally.

Curriculum Vitae


2002Master of Arts by Research, Monash University, Melbourne.
1995Diploma Fine Arts, ‘Accademia Albertina’, (The Academy Fine Arts), Turin, Italy.
1991Bachelor of Education, (Visual Arts), The University Of Melbourne.
1994Degree in Fine Arts, RMIT University, Melbourne, Major in Painting and Drawing,
1989Diploma in Interior Design, Melbourne College of Decoration

Professional Engagements

2010-19Accademic Tutor Lecturer in Drawing & Design History, Swinburne University
2016-18Tutor Melbourne Polytechnic in Painting & Drawing
2018Fellowship Study, Fine Art (Martenot Philosophy)-Milan, Italy
2012Artist in Residence- Bourdeneuve,Betchat, France.
2008-10Heide Museum of Art, Melbourne, Education Manager
2008-9Artist in Residence St Vincents Hospital, Melbourne
1995-97Attended Albertina Academy of Fine Art of Turin

Grants and Awards

2018Finalist Artbank Road Show
2018Italian Australian Foundation International Fellowship
ISSI (International Specialised Skills Institute: founded Sir James Gobbo)
2018Finalist, Life Abstracted Prize, Cambridge Studio Art gallery, Collingwood, Melbourne
2006Finalist, Honourable Mention, John Leslie Art Prize Exhibition, Gippsland Art Gallery,
Finalist R&M McGivern Art Prize, Maroondah Art Gallery, Melbourne.
2004Finalist & Honourable Mention John Leslie Art Prize Exhibition, Gippsland Art Gallery
Finalist Metro 5 Gallery Art Award, Melbourne, Australia.
City of Moreland Arts Grant
2003Second place SBS Centenary of Federation Art Award,
Arts Victoria, International Cultural Exchange Grant.
Moreland City Council: Cultural Exchange Grant.
1999First Prize Artists on Norton National Contemporary Art Award:Sydney
1995Italy- studio volunteer experience for artist Zorio Gileberti ArtePovera Movement-Turin

Solo Exhibitions

2019White on White, West End Art Space, West Melbourne
2018GESTO, West End Art Space, West Melbourne
2016Disporre, Langford 120, North Melbourne
2013Intreccio, Catherine Asquith Gallery, Collingwood, Melbourne
2011Tessuti, Catherine Asquith Gallery, Collingwood, Melbourne
2008Ingresso, Gallery 101, Melbourne.
2004Polverė, Gallery 101, Melbourne.
2003Span Galleries, Melbourne.
1999Roar Studios, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Group Exhibitions

2020#Abstraction, 4/3 Electra Street Bundaberg QLD
2020Parallel Visions, Museo Italiano Co.As.It, Melbourne,
2019Friends and Family, Daine Singer gallery, Fitzroy
2019Abstract Salon, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
2019Poestic Symbol: West End Art Space, West Melbourne
2018Of Colour & Light: Victorian Women Abstract Artists, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
2018Life Abstracted, Cambridge Studio Art gallery, Collingwood, Melbourne
2018The Exquisite Palette Show 2018, Tacit Galleries, Collingwood, Melbourne
2018Edge, Langford 120, North Melbourne
2017End year Exhibition, West End Art Space,West Melbourne
2016The Art and Science of Communication in Multicultural Victoria, Poloron, Immigration Museum
2016What Happened At the Pier-Supported by Multicultural Arts Victoria, Italian Museum, Melbourne
2015Imago Mundi Project-Luciano Benetton Collection, Milan Italy
2015Belle Arti Prize,Chapman & Bailey,Melbourne,
2013End of Year Retrospective, Catherine Asquith, Collinwood Melbourne
2013PROCESS / PRESENCE PROCESSO / PRESENZA, curated by Dr Damien Smith, Melbourne
2012Yering Station Gallery, Yarra Glen, Victoria.
2011End of Year Retrospective, Catherine Asquith, Collinwood Melbourne
2011Pinoteca, presso il Castello di Palena,Abruzzo,Italy
2006White out, Span Galleries, Melbourne; Switchback Gallery, Gippsland.
2006RG McGivern Art Prize Exhibition, Marrondah Art Gallery, Melbourne.
2006John Leslie Art Prize Exhibition, Gippsland Art Gallery, Victoria.
2006The Affordable Art Show, Gallery 101, Melbourne.
2005Whiteout, Span Gallery, Melbourne (Touring Regional Victoria)
2005Whiteout, Maroondah Art Gallery, Ringwood, Victoria White out, Maroondah.
2005SBS Federation Square Art Award, exhibition and Immigration Museum, Melbourne
2004Melbourne Art Fair 2004, Royal Exhibition Building, Represented by Gallery 101,
2004GeNova ’04:Arte Di Ritorno, EuroCultural Festival, Genova, Italy.
2004Via-Vai, Counihan Gallery, Brunswick, Victoria
2004SBS Federation Square Art Award, Manningham Gallery, Melbourne;
2004SBS Federation Square Art Award Horsham Regional Gallery, Melbourne.
2004John Leslie Art Prize Exhibition, Gippsland Art Gallery.
2004Art Award Finalist Exhibition, Metro 5 Galleries, Melbourne.
2004Group show Abstraction/Asttrato Palazzo Cisterna, Turin, Italy.
2003Movimento Rapido, Steps Gallery, Carlton, Victoria
2003Seeing Red, Maroodah Gallery, Ringwood, Victoria
2003Via Vai Arte in Valigi, Museo Castello Ducale, Basilica di Collemaggio, L’Aquila, Abruzzo, Italy.
Movimento, Gallery Irascible, FestaGroup event, Carlton, Victoria
Women-Donne-Via By Italia-Australia, Counihan Gallery, Melbourne,(collaborated with Italian artists.)
2003Seta, Royal Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne
2003Rosso, Yering Station Gallery, Yarra Glen
2003Women’s Salon, Counihan Gallery, Brunswick
2001Artists on Norton, Italo-Australian Art exhibition, Sydney.
1999Artists Program, Mira Fine Art Galleries, Melbourne.
’99 Miniartextil Como-Fili di Luce, Gallery Studio Mimmo Totaro-Como, Italy.
1998Maionese Project, En Plein Air Arte Contemporanea Galleria, Pinerolo, Piemonte, Italy

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2020Parallel Visions, Museo Italiano, Co.As.It- Melbourne
2015Imago Mundi Project-Luciano Benetton Collection, Milan Italy
2013Dr Damien Smith, PROCESS / PRESENCE PROCESSO / PRESENZA, Melbourne
2005Published by Bois De Chesne, Top Art & Food
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St Vincents Hospital, Melbourne
Maroondah Art Gallery, Melbourne
SBS Federation Square, Melbourne 
Barbara Wilson, fashion, Melbourne
Smith & Tracey Architects, Melbourne
Conti Architects, Commission, Melbourne
ANZ Bank  Foyer, 91 William Street, Melbourne CBD
En Pleinaire Contemporary Art Gallery, Pinerolo, Piemonte, Italy
Private collections: Australia, Italy, Holland, Ireland

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