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5 Aug 2022 - 24 Aug 2022
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Online 6th International Biennale of Non-Objective Art-Que des femmes. Biennale internationale d’art non objectif à  Pont-de-Claix, Melbourne, France

18 Sep 2021 - 13 Nov 2021
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STRATO - Five Walls Gallery

19 Oct 2021 - 6 Nov 2021
ANNA CAIONE STRATO The inspiration for this body of artwork is centred around Martenot Method, a French philosophy based on body proportion and mathematical natural body alignment. Key to the Martenot method is the practice of the gesture of body movement, and how this translates into geometric shapes.
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Paralelle Visions Installation Shot

Paralell Visions - La Mamma Dispersa 2020

12 Mar 2020 - 25 Apr 2020
"This exhibition fosters the cross-fertilisation of ideas across the boundaries of art and design practice and design history. It showcases the work of four artists, an exhibition designer and a design historian who together have explored the relationship between their cultural heritage, creative practice and academic research. Looking at the influence of 20th century Italian design history the exhibition embraces the cultural context and transformative role that creativity plays in the art and design of the period through a diverse range of work including paintings, photographs, sculptural objects, display systems and virtual reality experiences.
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White on White - West End Art Space

28 Aug 2019 - 21 Sep 2019
The exhibition ‘White on White’ explores the philosophical, poetic associations of the colour white through the work of Melbourne artists Anna Caione and Fiona Halse. Caione and Halse express the synergies and divergences in their approach to abstraction through the process of surface manipulation and gestural expression. Their shared preference for the colour white amalgamates their works yet each artist loads the neutrality of the hue with a diversity of personal meaning that gives rise to a range of intriguing interpretative possibilities.
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GESTO - West End Art Space

4 Aug 2018 - 25 Aug 2018
In 2018 Anna Caione was awarded a Fellowship from the International Specialised Skills Institute, Australia to travel and undertake studies in art in Milan, Italy. Caione had the opportunity to study the Martenot Method, a unique philosophy of art centered on reawakening creativity. Caione was taught by Daniela Radeglia, a former student of Ginette Martenot (1902-1996), the founder of the Martenot Method.
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Disporre - Langford 120

19 Nov 2016 - 18 Dec 2016
This body of work is inspired by a collection of travel mementos gathered on journeys to Italy. It addresses the shifting landscape of experience, nostalgia, recollection and the poetics of remembrance. It dabbles with contemporary culture and past heritage, which in some ways may be understood as a threshold between realms – The notion of both the intangible realms of memory and the physical realms of place.
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Intreccio - Catherine Asquith Gallery

12 Mar 2013 - 30 Mar 2013
Drawing on her Italian heritage and frequent homeland journeys to Italy, Melbourne-born artist Anna Caione addresses the shifting landscape of experience and recollection. Like the Arte Povera artists of the sixties and seventies, Caione‟s practice is concerned with subjective understandings of matter and space; with the flow of energy inherent in materials; and with vitality and memory. A kind of re-enactment, Caione‟s nostalgic sensibility is a way of imagining forward and looking for home; a way to hold or touch something without evaporating it.
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Anna Caione Clean, Sound and New 2012 Reclaimed fabrics and Cardboar

PROCESS / PRESENCE - Museo Italiano

14 Feb 2013 - 30 Mar 2013
‘PROCESS / PRESENCE - PROCESSO / PRESENZA’ considers ways in which different artists harness specific creative processes and how, through these methods they arrive at objects imbued not only with ‘meanings’ but also with ‘presence’.
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INGRESSO - Gallery 101

15 Apr 2008 - 3 May 2008
Of particular interest to me is the tactile quality of the ‘ticket’, which resonates with old historical surfaces and ancient structures, often visually reproduced on the label. When such elements are blended through a particular creative medium, a universal links appears. Ultimately I endeavor to transmit to the viewer a romantic notion of a transcendental equilibrium – the kind of feeling that one seeks when immersed in the current of a fast-transforming global society.’ Anna Caione 2007
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POLVERE - Gallery 101

24 Aug 2004 - 11 Sep 2004
‘This new body of work was inspired during my most recent trip to Italy and continues to highlight a nostalgic sensibility for my Italian heritage along with my interest in the melding of past and present values and cultures that occurs when one lives in another country.
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