4.Anna Caione White On White II, 2018, fabric, pigment _ mixed media on canvas, 92cm x 51cm
Anna Caione  Giallo e Rosa II, 2018, fabric _ Acrylic on canvas, 25cm x 20cm
Anna Caione  Primavera  2005, pigment _ mixed media on canvas, 100cm x 120cm
Anna Caione, 2020, Pezzi Bianchi Pigemnt acrylic paint, mixed media on canvas 120cmx100cm
Anna Caione Gesto Blu,2018, fabric _ Mixed media on canvas, 100cm x 100cm
terra firma, pigment, mixed media, 2009   100 x 100cm
Anna Caione's work fuses aspects of contemporary culture and Italian heritage, creating a threshold between the realm of intangible memory and the physical realm of place.

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